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Parent and Student Testimonials

It’s always difficult watching your child struggle in school, particularly when you don’t know enough about the subject to be helpful. My son was feeling pretty low about his pre-cal class in particular and his math abilities in general before I decided to call Ellen Goldman. The next time he took a math test (after three or four visits with Tyler) I got a text message telling me that he “killed that test” and he was right. His first 93 of the year! What a feeling for the both of us! It makes a huge difference when students can figure out what they are supposed to know, ask any questions they feel are important and LEARN. I saw the change in attitude the first time he went and I see each week he goes. It’s a relief for him and me.

If you’re reading these reviews and wondering if you should try CA out, please give Ellen a call. You will never regret your decision.
— Jess M.

Our family is very grateful for the academic support that has been provided by Carolina Academy for Educational Excellence for our granddaughters. The tutors who have worked with our children have been well qualified, patient, and flexible regarding both instruction and scheduling. When there is a need for private tutoring, Ellen Goldman’s group can be a great resource.
— Penny

Ellen is a dedicated teacher and tutor determined to see students succeed. She is creative and innovative in her approaches to making learning fun. I give her and her team my enthusiastic recommendation.
— Leigh

Thank you. Our son went through your program and it really helped. He just committed yesterday to USC after considering many options and many scholarship opportunities.
— Cindy

Carolina Academy for Educational Excellence has enhanced our children’s study skills tremendously. The entire staff is dedicated, thorough, and cares about every single student. We have had a long relationship with our children and Carolina Academy. We moved here from Orlando, Florida eight years ago, and found the team to be welcoming and helpful in the early education years. Our children are now in high school and we have come full circle in using their services again. Ellen Goldman never gives up and her hard work is endless.

Thank you for all your help!
— Kris

CAEE has given my children confidence and knowledge to be great students. Both have attended for middle school and high school math and responded well to the positive and relaxed approach to tutoring. I highly recommend CAEE.
— Karen

My son is very thankful and he is DONE! He made a 30!!! We are very grateful to you all for helping both our children. We will continue to refer you all to everyone. Thank you!!
— Linda

You tutored my daughter back in October for the ACT. She did a 1 day course with you apparently it helped tremendously!! She took the ACT on October 24 and brought her score up to a 31 from a 27!!!
— Ava

Just a FYI, Nicholas took the ACT in December and got a 25. He applied the strategies he learned from you guys and started studying for the ACT this fall since the schools are now administering it to all Juniors. He has already been accepted to two colleges so thank you all so much. It paid off!!
— Lesa

All three of our children have spent time at Carolina Academy for Educational Excellence, our two oldest for SAT/ACT prep courses, and our youngest to work on his organizational skills. We couldn’t have been more pleased at the results for each of them!
— Eric Englebardt

Our goal was to increase [my son’s] score by 100 points. That goal was met; we are pleased!
— Nancy Kohl