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Tips for Students to Manage Stress for Success

Tips for Students to Manage Stress for Success

At the end of the school year, students may feel overwhelmed because of final exams, class recommendations, standardized tests, APs, and even graduation and college on the horizon. Parents can also feel increased tension because of their stressed students, especially if helping them cope seems like an impossible task. Managing academic pressure is more than just finding a way to get through the next test or paper; stress is a part of life at all stages, and learning to handle it effectively can be a life-long challenge. Many parents may not realize that a tutoring program in Greenville can work with students to develop methods to turn stress into a motivator. Here are tips for students to accentuate the positive when it comes to coping with school strain.

What is the Point?

Modern stress levels are due to the drive to be successful and to meet or exceed certain expectations. From a biological perspective, stress is the result of a challenge to basic survival and would result in the fight or flight response. Unfortunately, the human race continues to respond to many non-life threatening experiences with these survival reactions which over time can take their toll on physical and emotional health. For students, this response to pressure is particularly confounding since they have most likely not developed effective coping mechanisms to manage it. Mastering skills now will benefit their academic work in the short-term, but over time, the benefits may improve their overall happiness and quality of life.

Changing the Focus

What if students thought of school challenges as opportunities? Most of the pressure people experience represents the chance to overcome an obstacle and meet a goal, which means a positive outcome is possible. If stressed students can reframe how they look at educational anxiety, they can use their biologic reactions as a way to feel more energized and motivated.  Ultimately, the goal is not to do away with stress but rather to use it effectively as a way to grow, mature, and eventually lessen the negative impacts.

Is it That Easy?

Behavioral changes are works in progress, and they do not happen overnight. One way to help learn how to deal with school stress is to enroll in a tutoring program in Greenville that can advise students in study habits for a better sense of control. Some of the skills to develop are:

  • Time management-focusing on tasks and working out a time frame to complete them
  • Organization-using an agenda or planner regularly and consistently
  • Prioritizing-ranking assignments according to due dates or importance
  • Mindfulness-relieve the negative feelings to reduce the physical response

Keep on Keeping on

The goal of stress management should not be to remove all worry; instead, it is to use that pressure to meet objectives and to overcome obstacles. Try to concentrate on positivity with your stressed student until he or she can do it independently. These are skills for a lifetime of happiness and success, and the sooner your children can master them, the more prepared they should be.

Ellen Goldman