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3 Reasons Why Students Should Test Before the Test

3 Reasons Why Students Should Test Before the Test

If your child is a sophomore or junior in high school, you are probably starting to think about college tours, admissions, and the SAT or ACT. Test preparation in Greenville is an important step to consider before applying to any college because better scores may lead to acceptance to a good school, and even more scholarships and financial aid. How do you decide what SAT/ACT prep is right for your child? We have 3 great reasons why taking both tests can help you decide which is the better choice for your student.

1.        Every Child is Different

Not all students are strong test-takers, yet if they want to go to college, they will all have to take a standardized test as an admission requirement. Luckily, most schools will accept scores from either the SAT or the ACT, and having an option can work to a student’s advantage. Teens can focus on preparing for one or the other if they understand which one is a better fit for them. Some SAT/ACT test prep centers offer a hybrid version of a test that combines questions from each exam so students can get a feel for each style, but the hybrid test does not accurately reflect a student’s aptitude the way taking an actual test or practice test can.

Some advantages of taking the full tests include:

  • Getting a baseline score in order to monitor improvement
  • Experiencing timed conditions in an actual testing environment
  • Learning more about areas that need more practice for better performance
  • Determining which test the student prefers

Taking both tests provides a better understanding of what may be the best approach for each student. With this information, you can help your teen focus their energy on making strategic improvements.

2.       Your Time is Valuable

Hybrid tests may seem like a time-saver because they are shorter than taking both the ACT and the SAT, but a quick fix is not always the best way to go. If students do not achieve better scores after practicing with a hybrid, they will most likely have to try another type of test preparation or go back and take the full tests again. Duplicating efforts will result in more time lost, which can stress students who may find themselves under a deadline crunch. If you start by taking the full tests, you can concentrate your effort and time into improving skills before retesting. Using the full test as a diagnostic tool just makes sense to get an accurate picture of a student’s performance and the best methods to develop it.

3.       Students Do Have a Choice

One of the things that teens find frustrating about high school is their lack of freedom and input. If students feel empowered, they can perform better at tasks, including standardized testing. When your child takes the full SAT or ACT, he or she will know which they prefer.  Allow them to have that input when you decide on SAT/ACT prep because their opinion does matter.  Students will naturally put more effort into practicing for tests and achieving goals when they feel confident and have a voice. You want to find a program that makes your teen feel comfortable and successful in order to fully engage and take ownership of scholastic preparation.

Our Philosophy

Carolina Academy for Educational Excellence does not offer cookie-cutter test preparation in Greenville.  We focus on helping each student find the way to academic success, emphasizing an individualized approach to SAT/ACT test prep as well as tutoring academic subjects. Our methodology works because we help students find their strengths, as well as working towards achieving quality that goes beyond a high test score.

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